Sunday, July 16, 2006

House of Prime Rib

Check! One more place on my "must eat, gotta try" restaurant list can be checked off.

Today, we (Mom, Dad, OV, OV's mom & dad & maggy & ali, and I) went to the famous "House of Prime Rib." This was the first time that both OV's parents and my parents sat down together at a meal. I'd have to say, this was a pretty fitting place for the occasion. The restaurant was pleasent with dim lights to set the casual mood. The waiters and servers were friendly and quick to service. The meat, of course, was also the best "medium-rare" piece of prime rib that has ever graced my mouth. yummmmmm... so tender and juicey~ haha.

Here's to meal's rundown:

2 x House of Prime Rib (Dad and OV's dad)
4 x City Cut (OV, OV's mom, ali, and maggy)
1 x English Cut (Me)
1 x White Fish - Mahi Mahi (Mom)
+ 2 glasses of Wine, Merlot? (Dad and OV's dad)

If I had known that the English Cut and H of Prime Rib were "all you can eat," I would have surely skipped my dumpling lunch! Note to self: next time, starve a day, then go.

Back Track the day's events -
Woke up around 9. wavering between going back to work to finish my linear regulator correlation or hanging around the house. chose the ladder, vacuumed the house. clean out some boxes and some bowls and plates. eat lunch - dumplings. left for SF around 3:10. arrived around 4:20, ate. chat, got real full around 6. left around 6:30. fellowship. touching/shocking/memorable story of CT and Chien-Ling's visit to the Merced Prison. Got home around 11... done.


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