Thursday, August 10, 2006


Life is going by really fast lately.

Work is a challenge. Beginning to realize that I really should be putting in much more time and energy into it. I need to get a handle quick. I need to find my role and find my niche. Beginning to feel the stressfulness of work.

Church is rewarding; at times, it's a grind. Picking up more responsibilities, within the YAMS fellowship and Eagle's Wing... I'm spread thin. I need my own time, relax, and chill.

My family needs me. I feel like everything that's going on in my life is pulling me in different directions. Each one may believe to be pulling me towards the same direction... But really, I'm stuck in the middle trying to balance everything and find the perfect medium.

I need direction. I need to plan my future and move towards my goals.

I'm hoping I'm not just moving around aimlessly.

Controlled chaos? Hope so.


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