Sunday, May 28, 2006

what's on my mind

life is busy lately. here's what's on my mind and what's going on in my life lately...

  • relationship
    • lovely weekend with ov last week
    • still thankful for loving parents
    • hoping to find time to help people: mark
  • finish strong
    • papers: art history, 196b, micromouse report, films studies paper
    • project: 118 multiplier design
    • finals: 118, 110b
    • study VLSI on my own
  • life after college
    • Maxim, "where's my offer!"
    • relax a little after graduation, perhaps?
    • GRE? GMAT? ... err
  • other things that have been keeping me occupied lately (and keeping me up awake at night)
    • wikipedia - so much to learn
    • history channel - fascinating stuff
    • people - leonardo da vinci, william randolph hearst, stephen hawkins, william james
    • fantasy baseball
    • food - making a list of resturants that i plan on visiting with OV
    • stock/investing - making a reading list, hope to eventually find time to come around to it
  • quote of the moment: "he who thinks little, errs much." - Leonardo Da Vinci
  • friends with offers
    • mike: maxim/dallas semiconductor
    • mingangle: integrated device technologies
    • janice chang: etrade
    • david chen: micrel
  • friends with internships
    • phil santos: t-mobile
    • jenny ma: t-mobile

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

dang it...

err... i really need to buckle down and study hard in my EE classes... it seems as though I have fallen behind a little... really need to pick up the slack and get my grades up...

papers... still got tons of papers to write... hopefully it'll turn out okay...

so much work... so little time...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Maxim Employee

Praise the Lord.

I got a call from Urs today. He told me that they would make me an offer and wanted me to make the assurance to him that I would work hard and take classes to improve my technical skills. I, of course, gave him the assurance and promised that I would not disappoint him.

Wow. I could soon be an Official Maxim Employee.

I really want to give thanks to all the people around me that have supported me throughout my life. Thank God for listening to our prayers and making a way for me. I'm really thankful that I have wonderful parents that understand me and are supportive of my decisions. Thanks to OV for all her support too. Often times, I've been down on myself and lost motivation. In those times, OV has always provided me support and encouraged me to give it my best.

I don't know if I deserve all this grace. But, I give thanks to God for showing me mercy and blessings beyond my expectations.